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Move forward by training your back!

Today’s workout starts with rows for the back and biceps. Most beginner lifters have no trouble training biceps. Look around your gym and you’ll see at least one person doing biceps curls. We’re predisposed to train the “mirror muscles,” because we measure progress by what we can see in our reflection. If you only do curls and neglect your back, you’ll develop potentially painful imbalances.  Maturing beyond working my mirror muscles eventually led me to focus less on how I look, and more on what I can do with my body. Thanks for following along with my four week workout series on Instagram, hopefully I was able to demystify the process of getting stronger! I’ll leave you with this: progress is not always something you can see in the mirror. In my opinion, the most life-changing benefit of strength training is not how you look, but how you feel.

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