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Deadlifts and oranges

You might be wondering why I’d include deadlifts in this week’s Instagram workout. “Deadlifts are dangerous,” you say, “they’re bad for your back!” This breaks my heart, because deadlifts actually helped me to end years of lower back pain! Deadlifting is not inherently more dangerous than any other exercise, but any exercise can be dangerous if performed incorrectly. The most common mistake I see is deadlifting with a round back, which can definitely lead to low-back soreness. To deadlift without pain, first breathe and brace, then flatten the back by juicing a couple of oranges. Not literally. Let me explain. As you hinge forward to pick up the bar, picture yourself holding a pair of oranges under your armpits. To recruit your mid-back muscles, squeeze the fruit and keep your arms tightly pinned to your sides. Alternately, try pulling your shoulders back and pushing your chest forward at the same time. A perfect deadlift is like a fresh glass of orange juice: you can’t have either one without squeezing a couple of oranges!

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